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Merged the Yaela fix

Eddoursul 2 years ago
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      Enderal SE v2.0.10 Changelog.txt
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@ -17,6 +17,7 @@ Beware, spoilers ahead!
- Fixed the Burned Flesh not attacking the player.
- Fixed inability to lure Maxus to dinner with Aurora after talking to another NPC.
- Fixed Jespar not following player in the beginning of "The Word of the Dead".
- Fixed Yaela getting stuck in front of the Starling tablet with directions, when the scouting party has weapons out.
- Starling Bird is now marked essential instead of protected, it can't be killed anymore.
- Yero's Powerful Mud Elemental no longer respawns, supplying unlimited amount of Yero's Last Words.
- Quest objectives in the Elixir automatically marked as finished when collected (reported by 0570). Refactored ingredient tracking, removed scripts from the elixir ingredients.

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