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# Enderal SE
## Requirements
- Skyrim Special Edition 1.5.97
- [SKSE64 build 2.0.20](https://skse.silverlock.org/)
- [SkyUI SE](https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/12604)
- [JContainers SE 4.1.13](https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/16495)
- [Flat Map Markers SSE](https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/22122) - load before Enderal.
- Skyrim Special Edition 1.6.353 or 1.5.97
- [SKSE64](https://skse.silverlock.org/)
- [SkyUI SE](https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/12604) (optional)
## How to play
- Add a Skyrim SE instance to Mod Organizer 2.
- Install all requirements.
- Add a new Skyrim SE instance to Mod Organizer 2.
- Creation Club mods must be moved to a separate mod and disabled.
- Copy `E - Sounds.bsa`, `L - Voices.bsa`, and the `Video` directory to a new mod in MO2.
- Install all requirements.
- In MO2, create an empty mod, name it `Enderal SE - Media`, and copy `E - Sounds.bsa`, `L - Voices.bsa`, and the `Video` directory to it.
- This repository uses LFS to store binary files, run `git lfs install` before cloning it.
- Clone this repository, move it to `mods`.
- You should now have two custom mods in MO2, with media files and Enderal itself.
- Clone this repository, move it to `mods` in your MO2 instance.
- You should now have two custom mods in MO2, `Enderal SE - Media` and Enderal itself.
- Configure the game through Skyrim Launcher.
- Run it with skse64_loader.exe through MO2.
@ -27,17 +25,15 @@ The repository has three main branches:
In short, the suggested workflow looks like this:
- commit your assets and ESP patches into `development`,
- merge and remove the ESPs in `merging`,
- forward `merging` into `master` and back into `development`.
- when it's stable, forward `merging` into `master`.
Here is the process in detail.
All ESP patches and assets must be committed to `development` and its sub-branches. Keep in mind, other patches may interfere with your changes, you may want to test your patches in a separate sub-branch and merge it into `development` later.
The `development` branch is merged to `merging`, fully or through cherry-picking. ESP patches should be merged into ESMs here, English string files must also follow all changes.
`merging` is synced with `development` every time the latter doesn't have any unmerged pending patches. For playtesting, choose `merging` to have saves without extra ESP plugins.
Completed merges (with all ESPs merged in and removed) should be forwarded from `merging` to `master` and back into `development`, removing merged ESPs and updating ESMs without touching other patches.
`master` must always have a playable copy of the game without any additional patches.
`master` must always have a stable, playable copy of the game without any additional patches.
## Releasing
To create a complete build:

_build/build.cmd (Stored with Git LFS)

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Enderal Credits.txt
Report a bug in Enderal SE.url
Enderal SE v2.0.11 Changelog.txt
Enderal SE v2.0.12 Changelog.txt
Enderal - Forgotten Stories.esm
Enderal - Forgotten Stories.ini
E - Update.bsa
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