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Merged For the Greater Good fixes

Eddoursul 2 years ago
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@ -814996,6 +814996,12 @@
<property name="MQ07a_SC14_SigilStoneLight2" type="1" status="1">
<object formID="0010a78c" alias="65535" unused="0x0000" />
<property name="SunTempleEmporiumFrontDoorREF" type="1" status="1">
<object formID="0014181e" alias="65535" unused="0x0000" />
<property name="SunTempleQuartersDoorREF" type="1" status="1">
<object formID="000eb584" alias="65535" unused="0x0000" />
<fragments unknown="0x02" filename="QF_MQ14_00141761">
<fragment index="35" unknown0="0x0000" logEntry="0" unknown1="0x01" scriptName="QF_MQ14_00141761" fragmentName="Fragment_4" />

@ -38,6 +38,13 @@ Beware, spoilers ahead!
- Fixed a non-activatable warehouse door in Silvergrove.
- Fixed map marker to Old Sotyris in "Hidden in the Puzzle".
- Added hudmenu.swf from the Anniversary Edition with fixed disappearing health bar, caused by missing Survival mechanics.
For the Greater Good fixes:
-- Fixed the explanation scene getting stuck if Tealor is not on his marker.
-- Fixed Papyrus out-of-bounds errors due to non-matching count of keepers and quest aliases.
-- Fixed the apothecary missing during interrogation.
-- Fixed additional spectators never arriving to Tealor's speech.
-- Fixed CTD while talking to Tealor in his chamber.
-- A few more minor tweaks.
- Reworked house furnishing system, see the help message for updated controls.

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