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Eddoursul c68de3a06a Updated build script 1 year ago
7za.exe Added build script; updated BSA list in Enderal - Forgotten Stories.ini, removed USSEP 2 years ago
Enderal - Decompress records.pas Updated build script 2 years ago
Find respawning items.pas Disabled respawning of thousands of high value items and items in uninhabited locations 2 years ago
How to modify Enderal scripts.txt Added "How to modify Enderal scripts.txt" 2 years ago
bsarch.exe Added new BSArch.exe, properly setting the RetainNames flag, needed for CK (all hail zilav!) 2 years ago
build.cmd Copy files from Enderal SE - Media to the release directory 2 years ago
loose_files.txt Updated build script 1 year ago