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Enderal SE


How to play

  • Add a Skyrim SE instance to Mod Organizer 2.
  • Install all requirements.
  • Creation Club mods must be moved to a separate mod and disabled.
  • Copy E - Sounds.bsa, L - Voices.bsa, and the Video directory to a new mod in MO2.
  • This repository uses LFS to store binary files, run git lfs install before cloning it.
  • Clone this repository, move it to mods.
  • You should now have two custom mods in MO2, with media files and Enderal itself.
  • Configure the game through Skyrim Launcher.
  • Run it with skse64_loader.exe through MO2.


The repository has three main branches:

  • development
  • merging
  • master

In short, the suggested workflow looks like this:

  • commit your assets and ESP patches into development,
  • merge and remove the ESPs in merging,
  • forward merging into master and back into development.

Here is the process in detail.

All ESP patches and assets must be committed to development and its sub-branches. Keep in mind, other patches may interfere with your changes, you may want to test your patches in a separate sub-branch and merge it into development later.

The development branch is merged to merging, fully or through cherry-picking. ESP patches should be merged into ESMs here, English string files must also follow all changes.

Completed merges (with all ESPs merged in and removed) should be forwarded from merging to master and back into development, removing merged ESPs and updating ESMs without touching other patches.

master must always have a playable copy of the game without any additional patches.

All localizations in the enderal-l10n repository must be updated to match master.

Releases are built with a custom script (coming soon).