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Eddoursul 0aec9b90d1 Check for NPC and container collisions 9 months ago
Eddoursul c93e11b2cc Disabled Stay at System Page in VR 9 months ago
Eddoursul 0b83918c3d Verify existence of assets from BSA archives on game load 9 months ago
Eddoursul 5078a42dbb Added mod blacklist 9 months ago
Eddoursul 509c54e62a Check size of incompatible mods to allow placeholders 9 months ago
Eddoursul 655d84bc41 Added GetPlayerFollowers() to EnderalSE.dll 10 months ago
Eddoursul 4804f73787 Warn about mods, containing unconverted map data 10 months ago
Eddoursul 29e20601a2 Check for all released Creation Club mods 10 months ago
Eddoursul 30cdb4cf69 Fixed quest journal opening in locked conversations 10 months ago
Eddoursul 51b49535ed Converted Steam DLL to CommonLibSSE-NG; cross-runtime build SE/AE/VR 10 months ago
Eddoursul cf98d40483 Updated support URL 10 months ago
Eddoursul cdc19f4e52 Added "Report a bug" to the start menu 10 months ago
Eddoursul f2150e94ef Ported Enderal DLL to CommonLibSSE-NG: 10 months ago
Eddoursul e197a08c3c Compatibility checks update 10 months ago
Eddoursul b5e5478fbd Added checks for incompatible mods: DLC, CC, USSEP, Tamriel worldspace, Skyrim cells 10 months ago
Eddoursul 462c5ae843 Added Address Library for 1.6.353 10 months ago
Eddoursul 9ede1e012b Once per session, check if something overrides MQP01Home (usually Tamriel) and show a corner notification 10 months ago
Eddoursul 0121c3cd13 Silently disable incompatible DLLs without triggering mod manager warnings; added new game counter 10 months ago
Eddoursul 818dbf1d75 Added fs.dll and Address Library for 1.6.342 1 year ago
Eddoursul ebb183c078 Added AE version of fs.dll 2 years ago
Eddoursul 85ab357dac Renamed legacy fs.dll to fs_se.dll 2 years ago
Eddoursul 55e0a63988 Removed Skyrim worldspaces from FlatMapMarkersSSE.json 2 years ago
Eddoursul 3b0698d158 Added Address Library for 1.6.323 2 years ago
Eddoursul ba912c86ab Revised spectralizing cost of spells and weapons: 2 years ago
Eddoursul 1270bd6082 Moved fs.dll source code to \source 2 years ago
Eddoursul d642db574b fs.dll source code 2 years ago
Eddoursul 8e8050dd4d 2.0.6-2.0.8 2 years ago
Eddoursul e6c0dff5fa 2.0: updated plugins and assets 2 years ago