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gavrant 640a95a504 - Fixed the Oak Bow not being craftable by adding its blueprint to the basic crafting plan merchant leveled list, to the rest of the steel-tier weapon blueprints. (Reported by KuroPurple on Discord) 2 weeks ago
gavrant edb9adf5c6 Meshes\Enderal\Medievalpack - fixed geometry, texturing and normal bugs, somewhat improved vertex coloring 2 months ago
gavrant 6537332b94 Regenerated normal textures for some very common wooden beaming and planking and for the tips of the columns of the main (dam) bridge of Ark. This fixes black spot artifacts on a whole bunch of houses, scaffolds and fences in Ark, Farmers Coast, the Frostcliffs, etc. 2 months ago
gavrant 3660da9a2e Fixed wrong textures on parts of Ark's main bridge 2 months ago
gavrant 3739915ffc Ark's quarters and exterior of Frostcliff Tavern - fixed objects suddenly popping up/disappearing when you round a corner or turn the camera 2 months ago
gavrant c79aa5ee36 Meshes\Enderal\Miscellaneous - fixed the big 4-wheel carts (the ones used in-game) 4 months ago
gavrant cf37d2d221 Meshes\Enderal\Miscellaneous - fixed vertex normals 4 months ago
gavrant 835628a0ba Fixes for female version of "Endralean Sublime Garb" cloth 4 months ago
overdev a8cd40937b moved the quivers for female characters to the hip in the female skeleton, just like it is for the male version 4 months ago
gavrant 6c62ef6553 Fixed Fine Leather hood not being weighted for female Aeternas (reported by SwoleTurtle on Discord) 5 months ago
gavrant 5e25c81298 Fixed Fine Leather boots having the wrong model and their male version not being weighted (reported by SwoleTurtle on Discord) 5 months ago
gavrant c596c262db Загрузил(а) файлы в '' 6 months ago
Eddoursul 0af11ce0de Optimized _00E_Theriantrophist_AlchemyControl, removed obsolete code (2) 6 months ago
Eddoursul 4ab9c06e57 Optimized _00E_Theriantrophist_AlchemyControl, removed obsolete code 6 months ago
Eddoursul b5ef32f9a3 Added Subhuman0100's fix for TrapSwingingWall, preventing infinite loop in background 6 months ago
Eddoursul 2edfd9c09c Optimized dish tracking in Cuthbert's Legacy 6 months ago
Eddoursul ccdd1b20a4 Optimized ingredient tracking in The Elixir 6 months ago
Eddoursul d35571ca5e Disabled volume manipulation in the starting scene. Made 'enderal - die toten vergessen nicht (build-up).xwm' a bit louder. 6 months ago
Eddoursul fc4135be1c Updated changelog 6 months ago
Eddoursul 2088a03cec Updated Russian translation 6 months ago
Eddoursul 12f31764f3 Updated female eyes of the possessed from dovaya 6 months ago
Eddoursul 650f7e419e Updated changelog. 6 months ago
Eddoursul 393d09f40a Updated localizations 6 months ago
Eddoursul 15424526c3 Updated build instructions to keep strings loose 6 months ago
Eddoursul 1705b61e9b Preliminary changelog for 2.0.11 6 months ago
Eddoursul 89dc1dc0ba Updated FS.esm strings 6 months ago
Eddoursul 189de8ee37 Updated patch version 6 months ago
Eddoursul 4926fa3bbb Added dependency check for JContainers VR 6 months ago
Eddoursul a7af54eb6f Merged in head mesh fixes 6 months ago
Eddoursul 819b83cd86 Head mesh fixes by dovaya 6 months ago
Eddoursul 2b6690da3a Merged: 6 months ago
Eddoursul 2c26ddf6d4 Fixed inability to talk to Rasha after defeating Raga Shadowclaw 6 months ago
Eddoursul 80e4116de5 Restored Fortiry Two-Handed potions, squeezed out by lycanthropy in FS: replaces Resists Posion from Date and Restore Mana from Sugar with increased magnitude 6 months ago
Eddoursul 8c51d5c839 Added Survival mode keywords to Update.esm 6 months ago
Eddoursul 1dde6fbb61 Started changelog for 2.0.11 6 months ago
Eddoursul 53e1400eec Merged in restored Skyrim smithing perks 6 months ago
Eddoursul 43b4e8289a Merged in restored Skyrim races and Unholy Axe Qyranian poison damage fix 6 months ago
Eddoursul b14bc51a70 Brought back deleted Skyrim smithing perks, added them to Player's defaults; moved scripted perks and the waiting spell to Player's attributes as well 6 months ago
Eddoursul 58c065b118 Updated re-added Skyrim races 6 months ago
Eddoursul f53854f0b9 Updated README 6 months ago
Eddoursul 818dbf1d75 Added fs.dll and Address Library for 1.6.342 6 months ago
overdev 7845e70335 added the integrated mods "Shorter Grass", "Ghost Item Bug Fix for SkyUI" and "Drunk Skinking Head Idle Fix" to the "used resources" section. 6 months ago
Eddoursul 3d70e697e7 Re-added two deleted Skyrim races to improve support for Skyrim armor mods 6 months ago
Eddoursul 077c8f6f59 Fixed the Qyranians not taking additional poison damage from Unholy Axe, while other races do 6 months ago
Eddoursul 1ac98b2ee3 Updated credits 7 months ago
Eddoursul 307b3b5588 Added "How to modify Enderal scripts.txt" 7 months ago
Eddoursul 854659fa76 Fixed Calia not equipping her sword correctly in the Forbidden Tunnel 7 months ago
Eddoursul 5363aa8405 Updated changelog 7 months ago
Eddoursul b067358a7e Set KillMove to 0 with any bVATSDisable value other than 0 7 months ago
Eddoursul ebb183c078 Added AE version of fs.dll 7 months ago